About Us – Elysian Sisters
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Two years ago we started a designer platform that shed light on talented people called Freewill Your Choice.  It was a creative hub where everything has began. Elysian signifies girls who dream, enjoy life, as well as surpassing excellence as an inspiration. Our previous experience and your choice turned Freewill into new studio Elysian. 

Elysian Sisters

Super cool, incredibly fashionable, fun-loving sisters that you always wished you had. Sisters who are different in style but who dress to express themselves and wear “difference” proudly on their sleeves. They work with an international team full of mentors helping you in designing every detail of your Fashion project.

ESE Brand

Czech based fashion brand that creates blissful original and limited collections for women. The brand focuses on combining a distinctive style with vintage fashion that evokes a unique mindset. Make sure to check out our portfolio and get in touch if you would like to work together.









Ivana Hancikova

Globally recognized leader and creative person at heart. “Opportunities look to us to find new ways to create, cooperate and interpret the world around us”. She turns challenges of conventional life into new opportunities. After the successful launch of several fashion projects and discovering new talents, she listened to her entrepreneurial spirit and launched her brand Elysian Sisters in 2017 in the Czech Republic. With aim to create something truly unique that inspires fresh views.

Petra Rusnakova

Petra is marketer with a lifelong passion for haute couture, emphasizing a style that underscores femininity and individuality. Even though fashion is her hobby, it has become an essential and irreplaceable element of her professional life. In her style, she looks for a story behind the outfit - for that intuitive impulse that breaks taboos and challenges traditions. The yearning to follow her own path.

Veronika Venosova

Her life is about emotions. Whatever Veronika creates, in her mind she is obsessed with the idea of touching the hearts and souls. Fashion is her passion in many areas – models, photography and last but not least, design. However, visualization couldn’t speak so intimately, if there was not a strong story behind it. Veronika interprets them through PR and marketing for local and international brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo or Shoedaism.

Veronika Prochazkova

Her fashion tends to lean towards vintage style with a simplicity and ease. Emphasizing the feminine silhouette, each model is a personality with its own details. Primarily working with lace, which is a major symbol of tenderness, passion, and poetry. Suggestions of the models have their own stories, and one could say that each reflects a certain period of her life.

Annie Rat

Annie is a Renaissance being from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who studied fashion design & acting but at the moment they focus not only on those but on many more types of art such as painting, digital illustration, fashion & nude modeling, dance, drag, makeup and creative direction. Her main motivation in life is art: loving art, living art, breath taking art & most importantly creating art for others to explore and experience life through.

Laura Kovanska

Known for her unique and distinctive style, Laura is a notable figure in the commercial and fashion photography sphere with numerous publications in international high-profile magazines, such as Vogue. Born in Czechoslovakia, the photographer often channels the spirit of youth in her work – fearless and carefree. Laura’s power lies in capturing a dynamic emotion and making the desired image of people or design. She works on multiple commercial campaigns for big brands or independent designers as RedBull, Fujifilm Instax, QUEENS.

A Bit About Us

The greatest friends you have ever had, sisters, are always helping each other through good and bad. We are showing new ways to see the Fashion world  and think differently than others. It is our passion to never stop improving in every little detail of our work which we love. Let us share this passion with you. 

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