Here, where it all began... – Elysian Sisters
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Here, where it all began…

We're quite the bloggers

Here, where it all began…

Freewill social hub platform was for people who did choices, who are talented for something that differ and who have the power to try to make big things happen. Thinking about #freewill is the intuition that makes people believe they have the right to not only choose in specific situations but also in how their basic life will play out.

The problem today is people pay too much attention to what others think of them. I think it's good to stand out from the crowd, not to be like everyone, in short, to be something original. Decide for yourself in a positive sense; - Magda Hola

Big thanks to our followers and visitors, almost 400 people.

We would also like to express our thanks to our partners for their cooperation, to the jury members for their judgments, and to the participants for their participation specifically:

  • Czech Television and production: Petr Kotrla
  • Free Radio
  • Runway construction: Lubos Bobek
  • Visual projection and Audio: Radek Odehnal
  • Makeup & Visage: Kristyna V.isage
  • Piano: Natalie Simonova
  • Ballet dancers: Balladine ballet studio, under the leadership Barbora Bolfova 
  • Ballet costumes (DOLLY skirts)
  • Musical singer and actor: Ondrej Babor
  • Freewill core team: Ivana Hancikova, Petra Poslusna, Veronika Krizova
  • Freewill Project Manager: Kelsey McIssac
  • Freewill Fashion Designer:  Filip Kovac
  • Other Fashion Designers: Veronika Prochazkova, Cult of the Road, Petr Kalouda
  • Photographers: Radim Dibdiak, Laura Kovanska, Lenka Petova
  • SSUM students: Petr Boruta, Marie Vosahlova, Jakub Marek, Eliska Filipkova, Adela Chalupova
  • Sculptor: Petr Sic
  • and our female and male models and others who supported us.